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Best Joystick?

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Any feedback is appreciated. I've never owned one, except my old Atari ones.

Right now I have the Logitech Wingman 3D FF, it seems kinda loose and touchy and rough. I am tempted to just get a spring mounted one for better centering and smoothness.

I heard that the best is the MS Sidewinder 2 w Force Feedback. I cant find any retail outlets, online or otherwise, that sell it, why is this?

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

You can try getting it off of I payed $90 for the MS force feedback 2 several years ago, and it hasn't lost any of its strength! It has no trouble centering, no trouble calibrating, it's just as good as the day i opened it. However, I think it's been taken out of production (hence the trouble finding it), so you have to pay nearly twice the original price of it!

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MS Sidewinder 2 w Force Feedback is a good JS but I am not sure that is worth to spend extra money for the force feedback part if you thinking to use it for civilian airplanes only. With such money (see above ) u can buy ch yoke and it will contribute a lot more than a JS.
With force feed back u will fill a the runway before living it and then after touch down. It is very nice first day, maybe on the second and then for show up to friends. Of course all that for commercial airplanes only.

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Jake Beales (jake01) Trainee

definately the Saitek X45 Joystick and throttle!

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jelami First Officer

If you want the full effect of flying, then I suggest the CH yoke and pedals. It's like being there.
I do like a good force feedback though, and there are several to choose from. Go try some out at your local PC store. Make sure it fits your hand, and you can reach all the buttons, look for lots of buttons. 😉 Most important items are a throttle and swivel for rudder control.

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mjp Trainee

Yeah I saw those on Amazon (the new one like 160 bucks), BUT NO WHERE ELSE! Why is this thing so hard to get? It's MS, for CrynOL! Weird.

I think I want to make the move to Combat flight sim, so I want to stay with a joystick. Are all force feedback units so loose in center position? I like the feel of a nice tight spring, but want a realistic experience. This Logitech is all loose and squeeky. I dont think I want a seperate throttle either.

Anyways I really appreciate yer guys feedback, gimme a couple more picks, please.

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Jitsugrappler Trainee

Im not a big fan of force feedback sticks, i have a Saitek Cyborg Evo, i love it, it has all the buttons i need and a nice smooth throttle, its also really adjustable to your hand.

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