i got a new video card and its awsome

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Okay i got an 8800GTS 640MB and wow is it great i will post some sreenshots of it i can now almost max traffic and maintain 20 to 30 fps and how did it fit well i figured out when i opened my computer up to atleast try to install it i had to slots so i tried to fit it to the one slot it didant work the next did so heres some screens


and thats it so far my new video card but i dont have water maxed out to many reflections 😀

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I also have the same video card. Yes, it very nice! Most of my settings are set on max and the water detail is beautiful! It a monster in size but if you can dish out the money for it, then you will not disappointed!!


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ye it costed me 359 dollars for it it works like a charm 🍻

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