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Excalibur Airways November Press Release

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Excalibur Airways November Press Release

Since our opening we have had a very successful week with 11 new pilots joining us. As we are only three days old we have many exciting things in the pipeline. The first thing we are working on is our first event. We are currently planning a fly in from EGLL to GCRR. We hope all pilots will be able to attend this.

We are also working on more routes. Within 2 weeks we hope to be operational in Asia and Africa. We are also planning on introducing a new aircraft the Boeing 747-400 this will be used on most of our long haul flights.

We have changed the way we work the ranks as well. They are as follows.

Chief Captain- 500+ Hrs
Senior captain- 300+ Hrs
Captain- 200+ Hrs
First Officer- 150+ Hrs
Second Officer- 50+ Hrs
Trainee- 0-50+ Hrs

We hope to have our pilot training centre open by the end of the month. We will be offering the best training around. So for all our newbie pilots this will be a great way to get you flying our routes to the best of your ability.

We now have our own Teamspeak server you can access it at Everyone is welcome on it. If you are an Excalibur pilot please use your call sign when coming on.

Thanks for reading. I will keep you all informed with goings on inside Excalibur.

Best Regards
Simon Allen
Airline Director

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