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Wrong controls?

fpetter Guest


I have a problem with my flightsim. When I'm releasing the parkingbreaks and gives full throttle, the aircraft turns har left. I have to keep turning right to stay on the runway. Its not my joypad since I have tried disabeling it. In air I have to trim the ailerons to right alot to keep her stable. Any ideas? 🙄

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What version of Flightsim is it? Have you always had this problem, or has it recently happened?

loko Guest

is your joystick calibrated correctly?
also on fs 2002 and 2004 one throttle on the 737 / 767 sometimes sticks causing the aircraft to veer right or left if you press E 1 and 2 on the keypad this frees the stuck throttle, otherwise i have no ideas.

Happy flying, LOKO

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I think I remember a similar if not the same problem in FS98. It was indeed because only one of the engines were running at full power and FS only letting you control one of the engines with the joystick. Your best bet would be to re-assign the throttle axis again. Or, I think there is also an option somewhere to set what engines to control - but i'm not definate on that one. Good Luck 🙂


Step outside the plane - is your rudder set hard left?

If not, it could just be that the sim is modelling the torque of the propellor, which can drag your plane off the straight and narrow. (Some real versions of the Supermarine Seafire could strip the tread of their wheels this way)

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Fact is, that the machines pull to the left due to the prop turning in that direction. You simply have to stir against that movement. After all it's only realistic.

In the jets, the effect is much easier to handle.

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Any luck yet? Is it working now?

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I'm experiencing EXACTLY the same problem with all planes, both single AND dual engine.

Yes, I realize that it's a realism feature and that normal prop torque pulls the planes to the left. BUT even when I turn 'autorudder' on it still does this. When I disable autorudder it gives me 'control' but it's so sensitive I spend all time on the ground running side to side like a mad carnival ride. I finally give up and (with crashes disabled) scoot through whatever buildings, trees etc are in my way on the ground and force my way into the air. Now THAT'S realism (sarcasm).

Using a Logitech Wingman Force 3D joystick with default settings.

Terry 😞

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Umm, it could indeed be an autorudder problem. I feel that autorudder is unrealistic in prop aircraft anyway, and should be disabled for maximum reality. I distinctly remember this being an issue when I first installed FS98 when it came out. I will look further into this, and if anyone does find out the fix - please do post the information on here for others to see.

neo29m Guest

i have noticed on fs2004 when your taking off it does that aswell (large multi-engined planes aswell) it veers left, i then reduced my realism settings and it worked ok, lets face it though thats not what we want, i want to play the game as best as i can but pulling to the left, thats just silly. it even does that with a boing 747, i dont think they pull to the left not with all that equipment on board

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