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I have all the Fltsims since the very begining and also have all the combat models but I have to tell you that this new 2004 is the very best I have ever seen. I have a real high speed computer with great graphics and this is as close to the real thing as you can get ( I am a licensed pilot as well) FLIGHT SIM ROCKS

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As a licenced pilot you ought to have a look at X-Plane as technically, in my opinion, it is much better then FS 2004. The MS FSims are very pretty and the add ons are great but the instrument detail and functionality of X-Plane make it a superior product for real world training.

The fact is you need both.

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i'm doin a project on both of those flight simulators. what i wana do is find out if these programs could be used by university design students.
the uni students design aircrafts, and do all the calculations to prove they will work, what i want to now there a program that
1 lets me design my own aircraft in either of these softwares( i know x-plane has a plane maker but does MS flightsim 2004 have one?)
2 get a program that would be able to extract flight intrumentation details after say a test flight.
say maybe record all flight info, and then print it all out later(too difficult to fly and record all measurements at same time)!
any info would be much appreciated.

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