Quick hardware question (videocard the culprit?)

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Hi there,

It turns out that the Toshiba laptop that I recently bought does run FSX (I didn't really think it would at all), but obviously, with most of the settings jacked way down, at which point I can still only manage around 20fps. The system is 32 bit, with a 2.0 ghz processor and 2gb of ram. I figure that this must be sufficient computing speed to run the game, but that the stock video card that came with the laptop (which I won't even bother to name) is the main culprit in not achieving better performance.

Am I correct in this? If I were to toss a beefier card in, would this make a significant difference and permit a stronger framerate and more scenery options? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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It might help some but the CPU at 2gig is way underpowered for FSX.

20FPS should look good, better than it would with 2004.
Turn off the AI, turn down the autogen and see if that helps.


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And also turn off bloom effect, lens flare and the traffic(keep it around 25%) especially when you're flying into a busy airport.


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Thanks guys. Looks like a guy really has to sell the farm to get a unit that will comfortably handle the game (for the time being, anyways)...

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