Which should I upgrade first? [PC]

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'Lo everyone, and good mornin' to those on the east coast. I was wondering what I should upgrade first, either RAM or my video card. Right now I have:

eVGA 7600

This combo has worked surprisingly well, I even managed to play with everything full graphics (It played, but it wasn't very fun 😛). I'm leaning towards getting another gig of ram first, but I figured I'd ask.

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Ram is so much cheaper than a card get it while it's on sale. someone always has it.


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The 1 gig of ram will help but you need a 256meg PCI Express card to see a real difference. I first tried a regular PCI 256 meg card and there was no difference. Then I installed a 256meg PCI EXPRESS slot card - huge difference! I really only added the extra gig of ram because it was cheap. Paul

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