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Hi everybody,

Needed some suggestions from you guys regarding graphic enhancements on FSX.

I was planning to buy the combo package of Xgraphics and Active SkyX. How good are these products? They always look rosy on the internet. And wanted what will be the FPS hit on FSX?? Or do you suggest I wait for REX which I guess will be released shortly??

Secondly, can is SP2 available for FSX? Can SP2 be installed with aircraft add-ons or I have to install on a retail copy??
FYI I have already uninstalled-reinstalled FSX 4 times. Will it allow me to reinstall again and activate the product?

Also I needed some traffic tweaks, my system cannot handle more than 30% traffic in very busy airports. Even with 30% I dont get more than 18fps. Otherwise the framerate is locked to 24fps.

These are my specs:
Intel core2 duo on D945GZIS chipsets.
NVidia 8600 GTS 256mb card DDR-3 Ram
2 GB DDR-2 ram 667mhz
FSX running with SP1 on Win XP/SP2

Please get back to me.


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Both are very good.

SP2 will be for general download soon, right now it's only on the Acceleration pack.

I did a clean install of the acceleration pack but I know people who have installed it on an existing FSX install.

Get a better card and you may increase the FPS some.


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