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New adventure for 747

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😀 Hi all
Here is another adventure for you (you have to do a lot yourself in this one)and its for all you heavy metal lovers,plus an emergency situation
This is from the site ➡

Make a white-knuckle approach to Johannesburg. Receive vectors onto final approach in a very busy ATC environment. This adventure has a special launching application with an option to include an emergency scenario that will test your skills. Charts, FAQs and briefing included.

A little different this one as you launch the adventure from a new desktop icon which loads it in to the sim.Make sure you read the files or you will be going around in circles because if you get any bit wrong the ATC will just forget about you and leave you to do whatever Umm... It took me 3 tries to get on the ground Embarassed
Plus the option of an emergancy in flight(the notes say try it without first)
The default aircraft is the 747(on my setup when the sim starts,the overhead panel is missing,but press Shift + 5 to bring it up if its the same for you)but you can change it to another 4 engine beast if you want
Anyway all the details here and more adventures ➡


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I can't seem to get this to work. The error message says that the ms841.flt file is missing from the bon folder and from the download. Does anyone have this?
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Brilliant link - Thanks heaps TTT ❗ ❗

Adventures for the fs9 are few & far between, and are a lotta fun!

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Glad you like it
The real atc recording brings it to life

Ive posted these links a few times before,but worth mentioning again ➡

Just noticed a couple of new ones at mgsim

Downloading Hack

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