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I've been trying to understand something about the winds. I was always taught that when wind speed and direction are given, it is the direction the wind is blowing from - ie - a noth wind blows from the north as opposed to blowing to the north. Is this the same in FSX? Right now I am flying heading 270 with winds 235 Meg @ 52 kts. Intuitively I think this is a head wind (blowing from 235), but it is acting like a tail wind. Am I missing something?

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Check your ground speed, you have a headwind. You would compare it to your true airspeed(TAS) which is not normally displayed.

TAS = indicated airspeed(IAS) plus 2% per thousand feet(estimate).

250 KIAS @ 20,000 ft.
250 + 40%=350 KTAS (estimate)

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Even I'm a bit confused on this. It happens to me in FSX. If theres a headwind and I've engaged autopilot and speed hold then the engine power should increase slowly to meet the speed requirements. Exactly the opposite happens! And the engine power decreses.

Same way when theres a tailwind the engine power should go down which again dosen't happen. On the contrary it increases.

Pl throw some light on this.


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Wind only effects ground speed and has no effect on airspeed. Engine speed will change only as the aircraft attempts to maintain the selected airspeed in the climb or descent. This uses a feature called auto throttles.

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