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Here is a preview of my current project, the Midwest Connect CRJ-200ER. All I have left to do is add the lettering, fix the one emergency hatch, add dynamic shine, and the tail. If anyone knows where I can find the Midwest font that would be great.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Looking great 😀 Maybe just get a photo and put the picture on there somehow, I have not much experience with repainting Embarassed

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Panam... try That is THE place to find any font. Good luck

By the way, nice Gene Simmons avatar. He's one of my favorite bassists.

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stocz2 Trainee

Looking good. Do you know when and where we can download it from?
Are you gonna add the logo to the tail?

Here is my version in FSRepaint,


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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Looking nice !!!

When its finished upload it to AVSIM and il download it. 😀 😀 😀

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When I find the right font for Midwest, I will add that. Then it will be uploaded. Until then, this plane will sit in storage until that happens.

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I will be scrapping my Midwest Connect Project. This is due to the fact that one is being made by POSKY as we speak.

Thanks for understanding.

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