I'm looking for this plane...

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I dont know if your looking for the plane or repaint. The repaint can probably be found at

The plane could be found at numerous places. The best I think is

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emerald_flag wrote:

ok for the repaints of the 200/300 will they work on my 747-400 in my aircraft folder?

The way you ask your questions is very, very, very vague and helps no-one.
If by

my 747-400 in my aircraft folder

you're referring to the default 747 in FSX... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

For starters the default FSX 747s are -400s. The pic and YouTube clip you linked us to look like -200s from the distance.

For the future I'd suggest you read the file descriptions of the files that we give you the links to.

Model by Project Opensky


Repaint of POSKY's...

from jalways_reso'

In other words you have to get the appropriate model from the Posky site first if you want the jalways_reso' because it's a repaint of that particular Posky model.
The other one is a complete aircraft.

NOTE: They will be compatible with FSX. Just don't install any gauges should there be any in the .zip download.

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PLEASE read the file descriptions!!

Neither of the two files have anything to do with the default 747.

I said not to install the gauges (if there are any) because they're old ones (probably not compatible with FSX) but you have the necessary gauges already in FSX anyway.

I just discovered that both files are complete aircraft.

To dispel the confusion and save us posting questions and answers back and forth forever you could just simply download the files instead of getting me to do it and extract its contents and READ THE README FILES!!!

...or study the all-encompassing 'post1800' exclusively available here.

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