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I was wondering, if you download a naval plane with foding wings and tail hook and such, are there controls for those comands? If so, what are they??

Also, when downloading a a/c carrier, does it go to a certain area in the world? Or do you chose, if you chose, how do you place it?

How do you install sound downloads like rain noises, or cloud effects?

Thank You

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1. If there isn't instructions in the readme of the aircraft you download, then go into the settings of Flight Simulatior, then, look for the "Assignments" button in the "Controls" section. Look for the commands for "Wing Fold" and "Tail Hook Up/Down". Then set these to whatever. However, no one is guaranteeing that the Tail Hool will work unless it's programmed into the aircraft to slow it down.

2. It should go to a certain part of the world after you install it as the readme says to, I do not know how to install scenery like that.

3. Usually, you would put then in the "SOUNDS" folder in your main flight simulator 9 directory 🙂

good luck!

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