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Hi, i am new in Fs, i have just accomodate with the program, but:

i don't know what to do next, i dont enjoy much the "missions" that are defaults in fs;
so... help me and give some ideea some flights... and what should i do next.
thank you

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If your trying to figure out how to fly, try taking some of the Training Flights.

If your looking for a place to fly to, Here is your answer, ➡

Hope that helps 😀


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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

You can always create your own flight between two cities that maybe you flew in the past but as a passanger. 😉

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acepilot32 Captain

heres what i did. I started fs2004 clicked fly now waited for the load to finish and i throttled up and went to the skies.

now once your familiar with the controls you can start to do real virtual flights like i did. i went from kord to klax in 4 hours and 30 minutes real time.

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Odyssey First Officer

Hi and welcome to flyaway.

Once you become more accustomed to flight sim you can join virtual airlines and then you fly by thier rotas and schedules. But first, take the wise advice of flyboy and try some of the lessons and training flights first as some virtual airlines require you to take small exams. Plus you will enjoy the simulator much more if you know what you're doing 😉

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sile_c Trainee

thank you all for your advices, i figured out what to do.
the thing is that i can't fly jets because i am just a begginer and i have to do more practice.
btw. this sim is the best in the world.

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

give it time Sile... you will be able to. When I started I only did the Cessna till I was more comfy. Try it anyway... you never know, you may catch on and love big jets. These days I fly the 737 and 757 almost exclusively.

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