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I just started flying with a VA, and for the first time (before hand I rarely taxied to gates, just parking etc. etc.) and I couldnt get the ramp to come up to the a/c and I couldnt get a refuel truck and stuff there. I know it can be done because Ive seen screen shots of people who have done it................... so how do I get my cake and eat it to? I want that corridor to come to my plane, and fuel trucks to be working on it once I am at the gate.

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while in a flight press shift+F10 and go to key assingments. there you will find out how to call the jetway (i think it's ctrl+J) and also how to call the fuel truck. as far as i know (if i was wrong it wouldn't be the first time) the baggage cars are automatic at some airports when you open the cargo doors. at least thats what happens wheni am at yyz.
also, for me the fuel truck is a little quirky. i have called it and been told that i was next in line for fuel, only to see it cruise the airport and continually pass me by. other times it comes straight away. go figure. also, somewhere on this site is a list of key commands, and i know that list contains stuff not found in the kneeboard.

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