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I've never really explored the AFCAD side of FS before and I just wanted to clarify something before I mess up FS9.

I wondered whether there is an all-in-one package for downloading absent AFCADS. I appreciate it's a massive task to incorporate every single aiport in the world so I just wanted a selection of the more popular AFCADs that are missing from FS9. Is there such a package, payware or freeware? Something thats idiot-proof!!!

Also, when installing an AFCAD are there any conflicts with programs like Ultimate Traffic?


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From my experience, AFCAD files basically clean up your airports a lil, adding more parking and assigning spots to the various airlines... AVSIM has a lot of them, I know of one package that has something like 100 US airports in it, I dunno about the rest of the world though, just have to search I guess.

It does not conflict with traffic, it helps to improve them.

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If you buy an AI package like "Ultimate Traffic" it'll contain updated AFCADS to go with the AI that they need to park their AI at.


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