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a true american hero

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i know that most of you here didn't grow up in the late 60's and early 70's so you won't really know anything about this true legendary figure.
however, for me, and many of the kids who grew up around this time, this man was a hero, and many kids broke bikes and bones trying to copy him as we used our bikes to jump drainage creeks, trash cans, or each other. the world is less exciting now because he is gone.
R.I.P. brother

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I remember...RIP Evil knievel.

For those who don't:

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i watched a documentary on him on the history channel had a sad and wonderful life R.I.P Evel

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RIP Evel Knievel. 😞

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Moment of silence...

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A great man ❗


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I heard about his death. Couldn't belive. RIP 😞

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