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Ok, so let's say that it doesn't exist out there already but what would be your 'perfect' add-on that included everything that you love about the Sim ??

Here is mine for starters :-

- It would be a 757 or 767 because they are such a major part of Airline Operations yet are not represented AT ALL by boxed CD addons for FS2004.

- It would have a SOUND SET produced by the people who made 737NG.

- It would have the full FMC (Flight Management Computer) from the real plane (90% functionality).

- It would having working TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance).

- It would have a drop dead gorgeous Virtual Cockpit and Virtual Cabin

- All doors, (including Cargo) would be independantly openable (new word), not just SHIFT+E.

- Flight Attendant announcements would feature, and would play automatically at the appropriate times.

- Same for First Officer Call Outs.

- It would have the capability to have a real First Officer who would automatically 'look after' certain aspects from Flaps to Throttle.

- It would include 'aircraft ambience' and 'cockpit voices'.

- On take-off roll you would hear lot's of clanging and banging from the ageing interior (not just engine noise). (Same on landing).

...... and that's all I'm asking

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My ULTIMATE would be a dual package airport/aircraft addon.

Aircraft: Delta Airlines MD-88/MD-90.
It'd have 100% true to life cockpit, a first officer...a hot one at that. Fully functional as well 😎

Sounds recorded from a real live MD-88 and 90.

Cockipit ambiance.
Passengers in the awesome cabin.

Functional food.

Functional Cabin.

just the delta livery.

Airport addon would have: the ability to hike around in every airport/city around the world. I know, it'd be like 20GB, but thats waht big HD's are for. You can do stuff in the cities too, like talk to people, get them to fly with you, get money, buy a bike and ride around.

Pretty much, a mix between Postal 2, Doom 3's lighting and textures *drool*, Morrowind's functionality, Heino's KICK-ASSERY,
and FS9's FS9-ERY

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

.... I like the sound of that!

FEM, just to let you know there is a major new add-on omcing out in January called "Mad Dog 2004", which feature a selection of the best MDs... It's taken them over a year to get it ready.

It'll not cheap at £25 ($42) but early peeks of it look great !

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

sweetness...does it feature Heino???


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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer


Yes it would be cool to have all of the features that both you and FEM mentioned. Callouts coming automatically would be good. Throttle quad back to decend and the attendant says, "Ladies and gentlemen as we begin our decent to ( and intuitively inclued the FS9 destination etc.) --I'll bet FS2005 or 6 will be better by far and I see from the Microsoft website that their engineers monitor Fly Away and the other major sites so we will see my friend! 🙂

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