please help me urgent

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i recomended my best friend to buy the fsx and he did...
now he have a strong computer

win xp
2.4 core 2 due 2 giga memory
n vidia g-force 7100 gs 512 mhz

and no matter how he set the prefarence the game continue to wokr very slowly to death to much...

please help us what should we do in that case...
im having a 50% slowly pc then he is...
and it works fine
any idea ?
thanks in advance.

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Not sure this could be problem but how many items does your friend have on his computer?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Have him start out with all the settings at default.
Then he can close out water, autogen and all AI (aircraft, cars, boats).
Use as little clouds as possible, and shut off all shadows.
He should defrag his machine first.


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oldsamer First Officer

Other programs running in background?

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stereomatic Trainee

he did it all..
still do not work as it should ...

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cheezyflier First Officer

make sure he has also properly installed SP-1

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