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When I go into the "top down" view is the top of the screen true or magnetic north? The reason I ask is that, in slew mode, if I point the nose of my aircraft to 360* and move it left or right I see both latitude and longitude change. If I rotate it 10* clockwise, then only the longitude changes. I'm confused (again). 😕 Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance ... Art

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Good question

I stay out of slew, so don't know.

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well just dont use slew mode i hate it

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Perhaps I should have prefaced my post by describing what I am trying to do. My goal is to recreate a small airstrip that was located at Kaanapali Maui, Hawaii. I have an old map of the exact spot where it was positioned. I can overlay the map onto the same area in Google Earth and everything lines up perfectly (roads and other landmarks). The coordinates, length , and heading are known. I am trying to establish the airstrip's boundries by using the overlay and fsx top down view. The slew mode is only used to move the aircraft to get the coordinates of the boundry. Errors crop up when trying to move the target (airplane) into position and reading the coordinates on the screen. That information will result in my being able to "flatten" the area and then place the runway and other facilities in their correct positions. Since proper placement depends on the boundry coodinates, it is imperative that I know where north is for reference. Hence the dillema. I guess you could say that I am attempting to do some "virtual surveying". Any help will be greatly appreciated. Read This is really turning out to be a learning exercise!
Best regards ... Art

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