Elevators flapping violently after takeoff

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Hey Guys! I'm pretty new to the MS flight sim scene, I've always been a big fan of IL2 Sturmovik.......anyhow, I've downloaded several aircraft that give me the above scenario. As the planes starts to climb, the elevators start to flap around like a duck winging its way south. At the moment the only one I can remember is the simshed C130. There are a few others though. I usually just end the flight and move on to others that were downloaded. Any ideas as to what causes this. Is it just the way that particular planes config is set up? What can you do to correct it, or should I just scrap out these few planes that always do it. I'm using a MS FFB stick and it works great with 99.9 % of the planes, I've installed. I'm just starting to get into the files and how they work so I am curious

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As nobody else has come back to you on this I thought I'd have a go myself. I have to say I've never experienced it. However, I'm 99% sure it's to do with your stick and the way it coresponds to elavator activity on the model.

If you have a billy-basic joystick you could try (if you haven't already) that one to compare. Otherwise, try altering sensitivities. Failing that, and if all your other aircraft work fine, it is probably due to the design of that particular model of aircraft.

p.s Try installing a completely new aircraft, say, an IFDG airbus - something flyable, not AI - and give that a go.

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Thank you for your reply! That's pretty much what I figured too. Being that this only happens to one particular aircraft, I'm not to worried about it, and besides everything else works fine'

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