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Going for a VACATION !!!!!!

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Hey guys, its winter time finely and its christmes. This winter is early in Canada, pretty cold, snowy and -5 sometimes. Me and my parents going to Punta-Cana this time. The departure date is Dec 23rd, 2007-Dec 31st, 2007. We are flying there with B757 sky service airlines or A320. Coming back with A320. (Hate this plane) o well its still fun during take off, landing and entire flight. I will to take few picture with my bad camera lol. Its pretty hot there 29-30 degrees c^. Just a few info, sky serivice airlines, canadian charter airlines (not one of the best, but thats what we get), aircraft A320, 757 or 319. Airport YYZ-PUJ. Flight time is Take off 16:00-21:00. Long flight but who cares, I am gonna sleep in the plane LOL. C ya guys after vacation, hope I will get few picture.

Everybody Marry-Christmes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did I miss the memo? When did they add December 32st to the calendar?


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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

😂 😂 😂

Have a fantastic holiday mate (hope yer like your flight)

Merry Christmas aswell.

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Peace cobra hope you enjoy your flight and trip.

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

lol thx guys. I edited it its 31st !!! 😂/ Thanks major. I will try to get few picturs out there ^^

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Happy vacation and have lots of fun 😀


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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Merry Christmas mate! Have a wonderful time! 🍻

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