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Got a question for the "developers" amongst you...

I've downloaded and succesfully installed (thanks to Radarmans guide Wink ) a few aircraft now, but there are one or two that seem to have a couple of issues with the controls.
I.e. some are way too sensitive on pitch-up when you touch the joystick, some have strange engine "behaviour"; for example 55+ N1 on power cutoff Neutral
This might very well be realistic - I am no pilot, I would not know, but if I compare it to the FS9 default a/c there just seem to be too big differences between similar a/c.

So I spent a couple of nights reading, searching and so on, and I've found a good tutorial to .air files, as well as AirEd - free program to edit the .air files, and tried to familiarise myself with the contents of the files, and how it all works 'n all.
Now I've pretty much started to get the hang of the .air files
- I managed to speed up my boeing 767-300 ER to just over MACH 4.5 (by accident, honestly - but it was funny all the same to see it climb to FL550 in No-Time with 90-deg nose-up - its all back to normal now though; dont worry 🙂 ).

Anyway - I can NOT find anything about "jet engine behaviour"'; meaning how it responds to throttle, what the cutoff RPM and Max RPM is, and the relation between N1 / N2 etc.
Is there anyone amongst you that could give me some pointers as to what/where to look (at)?

Any pointers would be much appreciated...🙂


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First, what aircraft are you referring to? I guess there are some different throttle cutoff points depending on the aircraft. I don't have any .air files other than the defaults right now (Re-Formatted Hard Drive 🙂) The only thing i've tweaked is the "Min Throttle Limit" Which regulates how much reverse thrust is available I.E can pull them back to 95% Reverse thrust N1.

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Any a/c with a jet engine really, but take the default 737 as example.

Oh and you have to stay online longer than 5 minutes next time if you send me an MSN message, give me a while to reply please!! 😂

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This Payware might interest you - seems to cover all your points.
See -

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Cheers mate.

I've been using this program (demo ver), along with AirEd, to edit the aircraft.cfg and .air files.
It covers a lot, but not the engine vars I am looking for.
I know the demo is limited, but I didn't see anywhere that the full version allows editing more variables, as far as i can see from that site the only diff. is the full version lets you edit any folder in your A/C folder instead of only the C172 folder.

I'm coming to think the variables I am looking for are locked in the aircraft model files or something; it doesnt seem to be in any config or .air file.

Gonna have dig some more.....I love flying my 767-300ER I have now, but the engines really don't have a good "feel" to them.

Pushing the throttle levers forward about 10%, increases N1 by like 50% :/

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