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Simple question about X graphics. I get 20fps, will that take a hit if I install X graphics?
And my tip is for calulating flight times. This is great for working out where to go to fit in with how much spare time you have available.
It only works on actual scheduled routes, but useful nevertheless.

Cheers symbolman

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no fps hit from X graphics.

X graphics only replaces default textures with custom textures you can select for various surfaces. Doesn't take FSX any longer to use different textures because they are loaded during mission start.

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Hello fellow simmers -
I've been using GraphicX for about 5 months now, UTX for about 4 mo, and GEX for about 2 weeks.
All of the above work very well together.......................and NO fps hits - in fact, with GraphicX, my fps's increased by about 7 fps average.

ALL good products, however, REX, Real Environment Extreme is coming out shortly - a direct competitor/replacement for GraphicX - The photos are stunning and I will change over from GraphicX as soon as it's released.


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Guestimate ONLY from who and what I hear -
Mid to Late Jan 08 -
Payware - 29 - 49 USD
Go to their site and look at the photos and read about how the program has been written.........and it's DX10 compatible.........................


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DX10 is still in its infancy, both from drivers and Vista standpoint........IMO, that's why they say DX10 Preview in FSX Acceleration and SP2.


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