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I sure hope someone out there has an answer to this problem. I use FS9 and for some strange reason, a select portion of Spain, Italy, France, and I'm sure there's more, will not display the terrain correctly. Basically, everything the autogen is supposed to make in those areas does not show up. I'm calling it autogen, but it could very well be something else. I'm getting nothing but blank terrain...everything else is missing, to include default and addon airports, all buildings, vegitation, everything but the land itself! I think it's got to be an addon, but not sure how to go about trying to locate which one. Maybe some type of mesh addon? Hhmmm...Don't want the question to be too long but if anyone can help, please, please let me know. I'll gladly upload screenshots and additional info...

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Yeah, some screenshots are good 😉 😀

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