Help with VOR Navigation Please

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I'm planning a flght from Richmond, Virginia to Chesterfield County Airport ( KFCI )

here is the approach plate, but its very different from the one in FS9 and im having trouble understanding it i dont see any VOR station so i guess i fly straight to the airport from departure airport

so i set VOR 1 to 331 degrees right? As soon as i takeoff fly towards a heading of 331? Its so much different when your making your own flight with a different kind of approach chart

i dont even see where KFCI is on the chart to find the frequency?

Please any help on this would be greatly appreciated, this VOR navigation is tough

also im having trouble with runways? like ATC says to taxi to runway or taxiway whatever, but how do i know which one that is? without using the progessive taxiway thing?

Thanks for any help

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Depending on the length of that flight you would use multiple VOR's if that is how you intend to fly the route. When I fly using VOR navigation i normally fly from VOR to VOR using certain airways. It seems like you don't know much about VOR navigating so it may sound confusing. For that specific approach, there are 2 VOR's that can be used. There frequencies are listed under the VOR name. Also about getting around the airport. When taxiing, you should see the yellow signs along the taxiways. These will list which taxi way you are on and which one is to your left or right and etc. Also you could print out a airport diagram and navigate that way. Hopefully this can help.

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ok, i tried going this route

departing airport south, then setting VOR2 to 220 degrees, it did, and i see the VOR station on the map, but i keep passing over it, the VOR needle is not pointing me there for some reason, i dunno, for some reason its saying distance: 157 nm's. ANd im like right near the VOR station, why isn't it pointing to the station? what did i do wrong?

once i reach the VOR station i was going to set VOR to 331 degrees, which should take me straight to destination, but i want to figure out why the VOR2 indicator is not working. Im flying the Cessna caravan, and i dont see any VOR1 indicator.

Any help would be appreciated.

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oops, forgot to set the frequency.

But the VOR heading, is the same as the destination airport, and the VOR indicator took me to the airport instead of the VOR station

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ahh, i got it now, thanks 🙂

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