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ok right now i dont have internet and i know my parents arent going to get ot it right now but i want it now because alot of my friends want me to get on the internet but i only have limited time on the internet and i want to play my games online so i need some help and here my questions

will wireless internet work on pc`s?

if so where can i get a cheap wireless internet thingy and i already have wireless internet so a reciever i would need

if there are cheap "wireless internet reciver" will i be able to play fsx online?

where can i buy it and how much will it cost?

is there any alternet way i can get internet like right now from my computer?

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ok i found something for $29 and its a desktop card and its data transfer is 54mbps

nvm its not availible

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ok i found something looking through the control panel and there`s one that says its connected and its speed was 400.0mbps and its called net adapter or something but when i right click its only option are

and another one

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Well, i sort of have a problem with my wireless, too. The wireless card/reciever is owrking. But the modem will not send a wireless signal. When i saw this, i was like OMG!!!! WTH1?!!?! So i have to use a silly cable now D: Do you know any other way to fix it other than hitting the modem? =P

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