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well for christmas i wanted the new fsx acceleration. well i got and finally got home to try it out well it turns out than i dont have a good enough video card...
but it said that when i was installing the original fsx but 2 day later it started to work??????????? what is the best way to get it to work.

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Well, first of all, what graphics card do you have ❓

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how do i find that out???

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jewkid80 wrote:

how do i find that out???

Use the Help system built into Windows.

All OS versions😀XDiag,

XP: Control Panel ->DirectX, or Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager

Vista:Control Panel->System->Device Manager->Display Adapters or just Device Manager->Display Adapter

SP2 requires a shader card ( reports at least shader model 1.1 ) and a hardware vertex shader. This means older integrated graphics does not support SP2 requirements

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