Is there a must-have list of planes for FSX?

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Hey I just got FSX not too long ago and i was wondering what are the must have planes that I should download for it?

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it depends what you like. if you like the big heavies, others here will tell you what's good. outside of that, i would reccomend the following:

download shigeru tanaka's mustang here:
(dead link removed)

the bristol bulldog is a really nice model if you like vintage bipes. go here:

if you want the most awesome plane for stunt flying, forget the
extra 300. use this instead:
(dead link removed):

if you like rotor craft, these guys are the ones to see. everyone should fly a huey sometimes, it should be mandatory. for anything helicopter, go to:

i have no experience with payware, except for the awesome B25 mitchell from MAAM-SIM. i highly reccomend this model, it's quality is very high, and being extremely familiar with the plane it is modeled after, i can tell you it's near perfect, comes with a ton of free stuff (inluding over 100 skins) see these guys before anyone else for payware:

i have several personal favorites aside from these, but in my mind, these are models almost everyone will enjoy

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