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I apologize for the vague title, it's all I could come up with before my first cup of coffee.

I just wanted to drop a line and say hello, I've been surfing the site for a week or two now and am really liking it. I have yet to find a post to reply in, that's why this is now here, as I'm new to the flight sim world myself... sort of.
I've had FS2002 for quite a while but never really got into it. Got into online gaming and started playing BF1942, then the DC mod for that, and that's where the "sort of" comes into play. In the ranks of the squad I belong to in BF1942/DC, I am an Apache pilot and instructor. The controls are nothing like FS02/FS9 but that's how I got interested in flying and consequently... got me here.

After loading up FS02 I played a little and the only thought that came to mind was; "Why did I buy this?". Short story long, did some searching for VA's and ran into a few. Now belong to a great VA and couldn't be happier with my time online. I'm getting old 😉 and wrenching on my POS every weekend is not as fun as it used to be, it also costs more considering.
I'm sorry for the children's book. If you're reading this and you made it this far, congrats! If you skipped to the end here... re-read this, the phone number for Sylvia Saint is posted above.

Again, great site guys! I'll look for places to contribute, so far it seems there are others that are more on the ball than I 😎

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Umm... Cant find that phone # anywhere Evil or Very Mad Read

As for being more on the ball 🤔 some days I come here and anything I can answer,has been answered.So I guess its all to do with the time you get here

Now then,lets have another look for the phone # Read

Stick around,all good people here 👍

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Umm... It was my first flight to Casablanca, what a lonely place until I met ❤️ that for another time. Secret

Nice to see you here and we are all tired someday's, you'll have a good day the next time you are here, guaranteed. 👍


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