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In the first picture on this page

It shows a limousine near the plane. Is there anyway I can get the limousine without buying the plane?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Umm... How about a nice airport bus?
Ive not seen a limo for d/load
What do you want to do,drive it or taxi to it?
If its taxi to it I think you have to do some wizzardry with a scenery file and add it as a Ermm... Bgl file ?
If you want to drive it thats easy.............if one has been made,just load it as an aircraft
Ill have a look about and let you know if I find one

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You can download cars bus's etc. but to get them to appear with the aircraft would be a good trick.
It has to be made part of the scenery.
That's where this program comes in handy.


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

It's not a limo but a drivable anywhere Jaguar XK120- install it as an aircraft - they also have a vintage Indian bike -from the famous Golden Eagle Squadron at -

But as Radarman says you can't drive the Jag and fly the plane - suppose you could position the Jag at a gate and then on the FS Menu change to an a/c and position it at the same gate but someone would have pinched the Jag - it wouldn't be there - just as well - you dont want a hunk of iron sitting on top of your vintage Jag.

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

You can go into trafic tools and just station an aircraft as a sleeper and then park the limo near the aircraft for a photo or whatever. You could drive it around as TTT says if it not fixed as part of the scenery. There are many autos and even a motorcycle around the web someplace. Forgot where ...but I am thinking Avsim.? I could well be wrong about that location. 😞

There have been many times where folks from VA's have parked their A/C along side sleepers or temp placement / temp re-paints and then they have driven or placed an airport shuttle bus w/ the same livery as the A/C to make a nice shot. 🙄

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

I have been surfing around and as far as cars and airplanes working together, it can only happen in the mulit-player scenerio. There is probably some way on Earth to do what has been asked about but it would take a programer to figure. Maybe MSoft will do something of the sort someday?

I have searched the web until my eyes crossed and I have found NOTHING for an FS2004 limo.

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