how to fly aircraft?

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can i fly an aircraft in fs2002 with a gamepad easily[as compared to keyboard]
i am going to buy a 2 analog stick gamepad.i want that analog stick should work similar to joystick.

dont advice me to buy a joystick since i want a joystick whick is cheapest [20$] {rs- 1000.}

if i buy gamepad, can i control aircraft as i pull analog stick to left ,aircraft will start rolling left and when i release analog stick airrcraft will stop rolling??????

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Yes you can, buy one and let us know how it works for you.

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Trust Predators (Joystick) are really cheap products 😉
I got a joystick too of them. It broke once.. But hey! It costed only 15 Euro 😛 So we bought a new one 😛

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