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i built a model which flies like i want, but it didn't have a retractable gear. i used the update program that comes with aired to make a plain text dump and did the same for a model with a retractable gear. i cribbed the gear stuff out of the second and pasted into the first. i ran the update program and the updated .air file looks like it now gas the gear parameters. i added a gear type line to the aircraft.cfg file and thought the gear should work,,but no luck. what am i doing wrong?....doc

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😕 Not being a programmer Dont Know
But if you have all the bits it is usually something simple like a forward slash or full stop in the wrong place

Not much help I know,but somewhere to start

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ello maddoccanis,

it might be useful to paste the lines you are stuck at; maybe someone spots something Idea when they look at it.... ❓]

And - since you're working on Aircraft - may I be so selfish to ask if you could take a look at this thread where I posted my problem, and see if you perhaps would have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance,

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