I want a new System help me :)

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Hi guys , i think my old pc needs an upgrade , but i wanna run fsx on High or ultra high and get good frame & fps rate , below are my specs

Amd 64, processer

Gefore7600 gt 256 mb - Graphics Card

15 inch Mon

1 gig ram


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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Change the processor (up to about 3Ghz ) and add more ram (at least 3 GB).

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It all depends on your motherboard. If you can change the processor, great. Try to get the fastest processor that you can afford, add two Gigs of RAM and get a 512 mb video card.

If you can't change the processor, you have to figure out if it's better to upgrade or get a new computer. FSX is very processor dependent. To get a new processor, you would have to get a new motherboard. This may require all new RAM and may require a new video card(change from AGP slot to using Pci-express).

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