Space Shuttle Discovery Landing Attempt

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I hope I'm not slaughtering a rule about putting this link in two places in the forums. But I don't think many follow my thread about recreating the default historic flights in FS2004.

And since this is the result of a lot of work over the past 6 months, I'd really like to share it with as many as possible.

Have a look and let me know what you think.


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wow, quite amazing.

Never looked at a space shuttle before in the sim, and so - assuming you did everything right - I was astonished at the approach altitudes, rate of decent and rate of deceleration of this lil' bird.

Thanks for sharing, was an interesting watch 👍

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Great job Spider 😀 , talk about taking the bull by the horns 😳 for just a second there i thought it was going to end in disaster but you pulled it off in a great piece of flying skill. Looking forward to seeing you back 😀 !

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Great landing Spider, I can't believe you pulled that off, I'm sure I would've crashed 😳

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nicely done!

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Great emergency landing, I was on the edge of my seat. Great job of video editing also. The shuttle looks like a beast to land, great job. 👏

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honuala First Officer

great job but the music was killing me i must have dosed off a couple of times lol

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

Thanks for all the nice comments! I'm happy to see so many watch it... (kinda long I know).

ARD-DC... I'm no expert but I'm assuming most aircraft are designed to decrease drag, increase lift... to go high and fast. I think the shuttle had to be designed with the need to get rid of a ton of speed and altitude and it does both with frightening efficiency.

Thanks Welsh... I would've been really heartbroken after all the work and practice if I wasn't able to pull out of that near miss. The hardest part of that is keeping it from going up too much and then losing too much speed before you can get back down again. The program is pretty strict about landing it between 225 and 185 and doesn't take kindly to missing that slot.

belgeode wrote:


thanks belgeode! 🙂)

Cheeks wrote:

Great landing Spider, I can't believe you pulled that off, I'm sure I would've crashed 😳

thanks Cheeks. Boy, you can't believe how many times I did crash on practice. When I saw the ground coming up this time with my speed dropping off too fast and having lost too much altitude to use it to get back some speed, I was thinking of so many times when I just couldn't get it onto the runway. After that landing that day I was feeling the biggest rush I've felt in years! It was amazing how nice it felt.

cheezyflier, thanks

and you to CRJCapt.... so true what you said. But I think everyone should give it a try just once. Then you'll appreciate my video even more! LOL

honuala - is that Hawaiin? If so then your comment about the music is great because as I worked on the video I listened to a CD by IZ quite a few times to try to get me in a good frame of mind for playing the flute. How I wish I could mimmick some of his songs with the wonderful Hawaiin words.

Thanks again everyone. Your comments have made the effort more than worth it the many hours and days and weeks I've spent with Discovery.

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SpiderWings! That was an AWESOME video! I can't believe you pulled that off. Also. I laughed hard at the part when You taxied the piper, first chopper take-off and 747 landing. Still a cool vid. Nice one 😉

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

Thanks walesdragon.... was good to see your comment there to!

About the piper and chopper.... those were both very hard for me to learn. The 747 landing was just way scary the first time.

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No offence meant, but I don't think the flight dynamics/modelling of the shuttle in FS2004 can be very accurate...

I say this because the amount of the pitch an rolling displayed, surely can not be very realistic..... It is true to say that the flight controls are not effective at the upper atmostphere, but the shuttle glides smoothly down, it certainly does not pitch up an down violently in such in an exaggerated manner.

But despite this critisicm of the model, a HUGE well done, and an awsome display of skill and ontrol to land that animal!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you!!!!

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that must have been really really hard! Awsome JOB 😀

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

Thanks guys.

No offense taken Air-Head. I'm not sure how realistic the modeling is but the difference between real an me is they are better pilots. I did a lot of entries where the ship was smoother in the higher altitudes but this movie was about the one attempt at Buenos Aires and thats just how it went.

I knew I was climbing and was trying to get it back down but if you fight it much at all then you get the pitching and often a terrible outcome as the shuttle can veer off to one side so far you can't get back.

Realistic or not it really is a fun and difficult challenge. If you've ever watched the real shuttle come in for landings its pretty darned impressive when you consider the steep approach and the speeds.

I highly recommend the challenge of this on the sim. I got a bit crazy with it as I set a goal that was harder to accomplish than I'd imagined in the beginning.

Thanks for having a look and for your comments.

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