What this mean in other forum ?

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Hi what does the bit mean in this forum where i go into.

It come's up alot a just always wondered and just thought i would ask.

Any Idea's ???

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RadarMan Chief Captain

They are trying to boost their on line viewers total by using Google bots as guests.


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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

What do you mean because im a Administrator for the forum its for a virtual airline.

Its just sometimes it's there sometimes its not !

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Morris... you ever use google to search something and come up with a page that is from this website?

for example do a google on steeler air... I bet you you will come up with several pages that will all be stuff I have done on this site.

when google logs in it saves all the info for the searches, so that when someone googles something, since this site is public it will show up on google search.

It's harmless, and does help to boost visits to this site.

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Oh right im starting to get it now

Thanks guys it was just soething i wondered Thanks.

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