Active Camera Help Needed

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

I got AC a couple months ago and have been to busy until this week to really get into it and see why I've never got it to work.

So the other day I went through the manual and I can't do a single thing outlined in the instructions.... none of the keyboard commands work! Nor can I get anything to work using the menus.

I have a logitech mouse with two buttons and a wheel. I can't get any of the functions using the mouse to work except from zooming in and out which I can do without active camera.

My first thought was... did I register and yes I did.

What I feel is that there is a magic little something that activates the program but I'm just missing it and I can't find it in the instructions.

Is this situation familiar to any of you that have used the program? What am I missing?

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