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I hope this doesn't turn into the next Cold War 😳 😳

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The incident was the latest flare-up in the long-running row over Britain's demand for the extradition of ex KGB officer Andrei Lugovoy, who is wanted for the murder in London of his fellow ex-KGB officer, Alexander Litvinenko.

Why get involved in russian affairs? Shouldn't he be punished in his own land?

I wonder what the Russkies are up to...

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@Welshflyer: I wouldn't worry too much, after all it's AOL News Read ...which is not to say that the report is without foundation. These sort of 'incidents' happen all the time. I guess since Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lowland and whatever the other chick's name is haven't been seen shaving their heads, being escorted into rehab or climbing out of the car with no nickers on, the tabloids (and I include AOL in that genre) have to print something else... ANYTHING else 😀

@Cheeks: Welcome to reality. The 'next Cold War' has been on for some years now. Sometimes I wonder if they'd ever really turned it off in the first place. Don't believe me?
Think about the energy requirements worldwide which are escalating at a staggering rate. This 'new' cold war is not showcased with missiles but revolves around the dwindling resources of our planet.
The Chinese are heavily investing in Africa where there is oil and gas to be had. The Americans will start drilling in Alaska, Hillary, Obama, McCain, Arnie or Oprah winning the election... won't make a difference.
-And then there's the moon.. apparently the U.S., China, Japan, Russia and Europe are already jostling for position to claim real estate there -- the reason being: Natural resources.

@belgeode: "Why get involved in russian affairs? Shouldn't he be punished in his own land?" On principle I'd agree with that. But should I live a thousand years, I'll never understand how the 'double agent' thing works let alone all of the other shady deals between governments which we mere mortals only learn about after 50 or so years once they become declassified.
If you wonder what the Russkies are up to... don't even go there, BUT don't take me wrong either. I trust you're one who understands that the truth can only be understood by studying the past objectively.
Putin is at least bilingual. He was the head of the KGB in the former East-Germany. He didn't attain that position by bribing his superiors. These days, as the most powerful man in Russia, he dreams of restoring some of the grandeur of bygone days. Who can blame him?
There's hardly a nation that doesn't have the same aspirations.
Depending on who you listen to, Putin is either the good guy or the bad guy--we as individuals have to do our own thinking and come to our own conclusions.
Oh yes, I mentioned Putin's bilingual skills -- only those who only speak their mother tongue would underestimate the vistas the knowledge of at least one foreign language can add to their perceptions.
In my humble opinion, if more of the most powerful political leaders were as intelligent as Putin, we might come to a consensus as to how to save our planet.

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good point.....

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