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Hi there, im not sure what topic to post this in , so if its rong topic please move it to the appriote one for me , thanks

I am the Admin of euroJet and i am Currently Searching for Aircraft Paint Designers & Aircraft painters

After having along Chat with my other manager (Rutger) we have desided to go ahead and make euroJet, we are both very experienced pilots and have beeen flying on flight sim for more than 4 years, we are also buying a .net domain for our website, we are currently looking for a website designer (If intrested Please add me on msn

The aircrafts we will be using for our airliner are ( B737-200 / 300 / 500 | B757 200 / 300 | A319 / 320 / 321 | B767-200 | B777-200 | We want to bring pilots together so they can fly all over europe and the world and get the best va experience ONLINE & offline , if you are intrested in helping with this VA , there is 4 ways u can contact me

1. Msn =

2. Xfire = Goingforit

3. Flyaway PM!

4. Comment on this post =]
Thanks for eveyone who has read this post , and if u are looking to help & join this va , look forword to working with u in the future

Airbourne / Matt.

euroJet` Founder

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