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I think that running UTX takes away the wave animation. Is'nt there a wave effect file that can be put back to bring back the waves. It something like fs_waveffect.

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Despite a seemingly flourishing FSX forum section here you seem to be the only one who has FSX installed Freedspeak. Sad.

Mine is back in the box for the time being but I can tell you the name of the FS9 version for what it's worth: fx_waves.fx. The size is 2.55 KB (2,621 bytes) -- Size on disk: 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes).

I did a thorough search in my FS9 effects folder and this appears to be the only effect associated with waves.

There is a chance (though I'm guessing) that FSX by default uses the same file as FS9. In that case I could just upload it for you.
Failing that, maybe we could bribe someone to be so kind and navigate to their FSX Effects folder and look for it. 😂

I must admit though that I'm struggling with the concept of an AI traffic add-on messing with the waves.

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