Does anyone have the 747-400x from pmdg?

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If you do I have two questions

1. Does it come with the 747F model even if you did not have it on fs9?

2. Is it horrible on the frame rates?


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Hi Karkw I have the 747 pmdg and it does come with both models.
I get about 14fpm if i have medium setting for scenery etc, whih is ok for me. my pc is a Pentium D 3.4ghz, nvidia 8800GTS 640mb and 3gig of ram.
The frame rate is about half of the default aircraft so i would say you need a medium to high end pc to run this plane. Over all it is a very good plane to fly with most systems working. It also comes with a load planner and their many repaints to download.
If you have the FS9 version you can download this plane half price which i did, so it is well worth the money.
so if you are a big jet airliner fan you must add this to your hanger.
I find the Level D 767 has slightly higher frame rates but i still enjoy flying this bird.
What your pc spec?

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