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desktop background?

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honuala First Officer

i was just curious what everyone had as there desktop background? so post here if you have something other than a default........heres mine,A321

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cheezyflier Captain

i have a zillion of them, but here are 3 i use often. for the purpose of being truthful, the F-14 is not a screenie from my box, someone else posted it, and i liked it. the DC-3 is one of mine though

this one is titled "self-illumination"


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honuala First Officer

lol i like the last one it made me laugh. very nice f-14 too love the shots with sun

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Luke (warlord40) Captain

Snap shot from the movie 'Transformers'. Dont laugh, I actually quite enjoyed it.

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Michael_H First Officer

I change mine about once a week.
Here's todays

click on it to make it full size.

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

OMG me and michael almost the same background pic!

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