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recently i have noticed something. when i fly the SR71, after i take off, and get to about 35000 ft asl, it stalls and won't come out of it all the way to the ground. it also does this with the 747. once i get back in the air, it bobs and weaves all over the place, refusing to hold a steady line for direction or altitude. can anyone identify what the problem might be?

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This happened to me on a 737 and the only thing that I had changed on the flight was real bad wether. Airspeed was also racing above autothrottle settings. Turned out I was icing up!! Over head panel turn on de-icing (engine for overspeed and wings for control problems).

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Hey Cheezy: I was wondering if this solved your issue. Bruce.

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wow your not the only on to do that i always forget to turn the de-ice on lol 😂

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