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The other day, I was watching a couple of videos at and I couldn't help but notice one thing. There was footage of the a340 pushingback, except, when I looked at their N1 gauges they were at 0. When they finished pushback, the started the engines, but it didn't make as much noise as the default B7 series. PLEASE help. I try to make my flights as real as possible. Is this all only with a340. BTW, in case you would like to see the video,

go to then go to multimedia, then go to video library, then go to a340 cockpit (subtopic takeoffs), and watch the first one.

Thanks and Happy Flying

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Crosscheck,

If you want to make your flights as real as possible, you should almost always be "Pushing back" with the engines OFF !

Most planes sitting at the Gate, will have their APU running which provides power for the Electronics, etc.... But they won't start theri engines until all of the Ground staff are clear and the captain has requested the Pushback from the Ground Rep.

The engines will be started during the Pushback, using bleed air from the APU, then by switching the Fuel in at about 6% N1.

crosscheck9 Guest

Thanks a lot GPS Kid. I just wanted to make sure. So you start the engines during pushback? well, in real life, it doesn't tend to make as much noise, as it does in the simulator. In the sim, it makes a huge roar, and things like that. Is that just a glitch in the sound files, or is that how they are. Take care and thanks for the help

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That a cool site. Thanks for posting it. 😀

Btw, that comma at the end of the URL, kills that link

crosscheck9 Guest

any time michilin

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

6%? Doesn't that seem a little high? Just curious. Ive never been in the cockpit of any jet when they start it, so it was surprising to see that. 😳

PH Guest

Depends on the BRT fitted to the wings. Example 737/757 etc use 25% N2 Airbus make it easy and simply have an on off switch.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Yip it certainly does depend on the Aircraft, some are brought to life at 4%, others up to 6%..... the 6% figure I referred to was from a Bombardier CRJ from a DVD I have, where they show you th full start up procedure and show great shots of the Glass Cockpit screens showing N1, EGT and N2 settings.

PH is right, Airbus is far easier, with just a flick of a switch on the OHP, and a flick of the on/off switch behind the Throttle arms !

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