Another one of my "BRILLIANT" ideas...

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I was just stricken with one of my "brilliant" ideas...what if there were a way for people to actually virtually purchase virtual airline ticket prices and somehow incorporate this into the actual simulator. This would make the virtual airline community very competitive and realistic.

For example, let's say I've been working really hard at my virtual company, and decide that I need a vacation. I can find a virtual airline that suits me the best, and virtually "purchase" a ticket on its website. Then, the virtual would make virtual "money" from my fare and others who decided to fly on the same flight. If there was a way to incorporate this into the simulator, then that would be the icing on the cake.

Instead of having virtual "passengers" purchase tickets, there would actually be real people "purchasing" them. Of course, all of my ideas always sound a bit outlandish, but I think it would make the community very exciting. Idea Idea Idea

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very good idea 😀

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I forget what virtual airline I was with but one of them did that exact same thing your talking about.

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That's not exactly what I was thinking. Of course it would be VERY boring sitting in the virtual cabin watching the clouds and distant 2D landscape go by...not to mention the pilot is flying the plane while you're not.

I was thinking to just "purchase" the tickets and act like you are flying to some destination. Possibly, let's say I fly for a virtual airline based in Chicago, and I decide I need a vacation. I could buy tickets from my own or anther virtual airline for a flight to Hawaii, or any stops in between. I could then maybe rent a plane in Hawaii and do some VFR sight-seeing around the islands. Then I could buy another ticket or two to get back to my virtual "home" back in Chicago and go back to work for my virtual airline.

That's a rather imaginative look at the point, but I see where it could get very immersing.

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