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i need a 757model

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who makes it?

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You're guessing. That filename in your OP points to a Mike Stone creation for FS2002.

FYI a Mike Stone repaint won't work with a Posky model.

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emerald_flag wrote:

no a posky texture

I believe that when you give me link to those textures.

the file name i gave you is the one the readme said to use

I believe that when I see the Readme.

but i couldnt find it for fs2004

Because... it is an FS2002 model as I have already told you. It might work in fs9 BUT you'll find it in the FS2002 section of the libraries.

i also have textures for an opensky 757-200 if you can tell me how to get those to work?

Take one step at the time, ok?

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