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I am in the market to upgrade my video card, any suggestions for a good card at a reasonable price??

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Do good card and reasonable price go together? 🙄
I am interested in seeing the response to this also.

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

A lot of post on that matter and I am sure that TomTheThank for nVidea type of cards and RadarMan for ATI cards thay will repond. I myself all ready replaced several cards . But to give U the right answer I think we have to know what else U have and what price is reasonable
I my self with 2.8 G CPU have an ATI 9600xt 128 Mb and with not bad performance all most with out addons and I both it for some $180 a year ago. In my opinion there is no place to add a strong card to a weak computer 🙂

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I don't now what you have now or what you system or budget is but I bought this card about 6 months ago and it's the best investment I could have made for FS9.

Sorry Rafi, I was typing and I didn't notice you had posted.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Buying a graphics card is one of the most important things to consider,especially for gaming
The only advice I can really give you is ➡

Reasearch as many cards within your price range as you can(and generally the more you pay the better it will be)
Dont just take one websites word for anything(they may be sponsored by that make)Use google or other search site and seek out forums where people talk about the card/cards you like

A good starting place is Tomsharware guide ➡

I use Nvidia,why? Because I always have,and have had no problems Ati users will probably say the same.
Thinking about it,when I first bought a pc I was advised to go the Nvidia way because Ati used to have driver problems(Please note I said USED TO HAVE PROBLEMS)They now use a simular system to Nvidia where all their cards use the same driver

Its a shame that those benchmarking sites dont use fs(I think one did)as I have found that Fs9 is far more intensive on all PC components than most games

When you have narrowed down your list,pop them here and we will all have a look for you

One other thing to consider is,how old is your PC,and how long do you expect to keep it as there are new standards comming out now ie PCI Express and true 64bit computing
(They say the average time people keep PCs is 2/3 years)

Embarassed Sorry for the long post,but you did ask 😉


thanks for the advice. I will do some homework and post the results when done, cheers

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