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Hey guys!

As you all know I've been adding more and more links to the free ware list I made a couple days ago.

But I would love to also be able to tell your more about those aircrafts and also show you what you are getting before you take it flying!!

So I had the idea of making a blog where I'll upload reviews, pictures, details, cons and pros about different free ware aircrafts all around the net. So far its going to be called "flightsimsource" and the name of the blog is going to be "J's reviews"

I am already working on the blog and I think it might really help people to find what they are looking for and also have a good time reading the reviews and checking the screen shot gallery out.

So what do you guys think?

Any ideas about it are welcome 🙂

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Very good it would make it much easier to see which aircraft are best suited for them 😀

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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

Cool idea Josue, if you don't mind I'll post the odd link for you to add to your site, here is a few now:


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A very good idea Josue 😀

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Josue (90josue03) Trainee

Col7777 wrote:

Cool idea Josue, if you don't mind I'll post the odd link for you to add to your site, here is a few now:


thanks Col7777 Wink I will probably take me a few days to get it up and running but I won't quit on the idea, specially now that I know you guys like it 🙂

thanks for the come back guys!!

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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

Josue, you are welcome.

Will this be your first website or have you had one before, the reason I ask is, I used to have a website and I know it takes up a lot of time?
But if you are having one with just a lot of links it might not be too hard to manage.


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cheezyflier First Officer

if i might offer a iece of advice. do not use blogger. use

it's way easier to format. of course, to use it you have to be running their browser i think but, it's free and it beats the heck out of internet explorer, and is even slightly better than firefox. good luck with your blog, can't wait to see it.

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Josue (90josue03) Trainee

Actually this would be my first time to have something completely made by me. I was thinking to use wordpress which seems very easy to manage and it has some pretty nice features.

I still need to figure how to resize the pictures I have and see how I can align them in the gallery page.

I was thinking to have a place with eh previews of several aircrafts and the pictures of them, then a gallery with nice pictures of other aircrafts as well. I thought about making a "how to" category where I can explain how to add the aircraft correctly to FS9 and other topics as well.

I do think its quite some work for just one person. So if anyone here would like to sort of be my partner to keep the site alive, you can send me a message so we can talk about it🙂

I hope I can get it up and running soon.

Other things you will see are ratings from 1 to 10 on several areas of the aircraft including dynamics which seems to be forgotten sometimes. And I will try to give links to panels, sounds if the aircraft requires it.

Glad to see more come back from you guys 🙂

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