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Flyboyfred Guest

Uzipped Midway airport scenery into my addon scenery file in fs 2004 main director but no results. Is there somwhere specific I should unzip this file into?

This Midway scenery airport has just recently been added to the new files list.

Thanks for your help

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jelami First Officer

I thought it said to just put it in your main scenery directory.....hmmmm not sure

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check the read-me again the main scenery folders sound the same.
Did you go in, activate it and close out before you looked for it.


flyboyfred Guest

Ok... I have heeded instructions and YES there were results and the airport scenery has been modified. The pictures that come with these airport add on zip fils show aircraft on the gates as well. eg. in the case of midway airport there are numerous Southwest 737s. Everything shows up except these aircrat... there are lots of empty gates. Is there something I am not doing? or are the aircraft in the zip file pictures not included in these add on zip files?

Thanks again and much appreciated

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Either the aircraft were not included (most likely) or you have to turn your scenery slide all the way to the right. This will show more eye candy for the whole sim but will eat into your FPS.


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