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hi i know you have had this email about this subject a million times, but would be very,very greatful if you could help.
Ive try activating online with windows and had no joy, so i proceded to download the dll files you stated to hack the activation i have simply changed the orignal files with the hacked dll's.But every time i try and start up fsx it states some program files are missing.Im a huge flightsim fan and have been really disapointed with this new addtion so far, partly because i only get 30 mins!!!!!!!

Thanks hope to here from you soon
Crying or Very sad

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Hi check that your firewall is set up correctly it maybe it is stopping FSX from accessing the net.

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hi thanks for getting back, my firewall is fine i think, how do i check that out ?

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No not shut off your firewall or disable it.
You can let it access MS if it asks.

They this and see if it helps.


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